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Consumer Warning: Robin Hood Software and Evidence Eliminator

Welcome to the wild and whacky story of the strangest bunch of spammer scammers on the Internet: those whacky folks at Robin Hood Software whose overpriced "Evidence Eliminator" software is spammed on every Internet forum on a regular basis.

This is a tale of paranoid delusional rantings on the part of Andy Churchill, the main figure at Robin Hood Software. It is a slimy tale of violating U.S. Truth in Advertising laws on a regular basis, charging $150 for what is at best a $39.95 file eraser, and making grandious claims for what their piece of Visual BASIC bloatware will do for you. It's a case of some really strange people trying to sell you software that you probably don't need via their famous "You are being Investigated" spam, whose idea of professionalism in dealing with criticism of their business practices is stupid complaints and censorship. This is also the story of a huge network of sex sites and paranoid right wingnut sites all merrily pushing along behind the strange tin foil hat rantings of Andy Churchill and his minions because, what the hey, scamming people out of money for software they don't need pays the bills, right? So here we go, hold on to your tin foil beanie, as we descend into the morass of...

The Evidence Eliminator/Robin Hood Software Files


  1. July 17, 2003: RHS unleashes its attack lawyers! The evidence-eliminator-sucks.com site was not available for some time (please do not bother my ISP, they appear to be as peeved with the EE guys as the rest of us). As a result of this attack upon free speech, evidence-eliminator-sucks.com is now hosted at a variety of locations worldwide in a multi-server round-robin DNS configuration. I understand that RHS may also have sued one or more of their competitors at the same time. Is their product so pathetic that the only way they can sell it is by sueing everybody who criticizes it or competes with it?! (Also see my analysis of TLS Solicitor's letter).
  2. June 9, 2003: *WARNING* There is a modified version of the js.fortnight virus/worm that takes over your machine with Evidence Eliminator spam. This web virus is being sent via malicious web pages advertising Evidence Eliminator. If your machine has been taken over, please contact me. More information as we gather it. Note that because the signature of this virus (hmm, the js-evidence-eliminator virus?) is not identical to that of the js.fortnight virus, it is not caught by any current anti-virus software -- however, that situation will change shortly. Also, * UPGRADE YOUR WINDOWS IF YOU ARE NOT YET INFECTED BY THE VIRUS! * (it exploits a defect in older versions of Microsoft's VM). Once you have updated your antivirus and Windows, here is how to remove the registry entries and get control of your system back. [July 5 2003: Added browser hijack article link to virus removal page.]
  3. July 22, 2003 [UPDATED] New News: Slashdotted! But we stayed up, evidence-eliminator.com crumpled under the load. Geeks 1, spammers 0 ... I love it!
  4. Mar 24, 2002 Who is Robin Hood Software?
  5. Spam: EE and its affiliates spam -- a LOT. Get the scoop.
  6. [Apr-1-2002] Why is EE's advertising deceptive?
  7. [Apr-1-2002] A parody of RHS's bogus "investigations" page, and how it works. (Note: Temporarily somewhat broken due to the move, will be back soon)
  8. How does RHS handle consumer complaints and requests for service?
  9. How does RHS handle criticisms of itself and its products?
  10. [3-12-02] Why does RHS act like this?
  11. Professional behavior: What professional behavior consists of in the computer industry, and why RHS's behavior is not professional.
  12. [3-14-02]What are competing products that will get you the same effect as EE, without the unprofessional behavior and high price?
  13. How can you get REAL security on the Internet?
  14. [4-28-02]What do our readers think about Evidence Eliminator and Robin Hood Software?
  15. [3-13-02] Why is Eric doing this to those poor innocent deceptive unprofessional spammers at Robin Hood Software anyway?
  16. [4-1-02] Who is this Eric Lee Green guy?
  17. [3-14-02] Who paid Eric to do this site, anyhow?
  18. Join the Conspiracy!
  19. [4-1-02]Grab-bag of miscellaneous FAQ-type things

So now you have the scoop: What we have is, in the words of one USENET poster, "a poor implementation of a good idea, marketed by a strange, twisted little company run by strange deceitful little trolls.". Their ethics are dubious (to say the least), they've violated at least three people's copyrights in their strange and demented quest to prove that they are being persecuted by some "New World Order" conspiracy (mine, PC-Help's, and Wired Magazine's), and otherwise are a bizarre outfit run by people who, in my opinion, are total flakes. Needless to say, I agree totally with Mickey's conclusion: You're better off without them.

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