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Robin Hood Software's response to criticism

Let's face it, if you're born into this world, sooner or later you're going to be criticised. The mark of whether you're a man or a slime slug is how you respond to that criticism. A man responds to the criticism, either to agree or disagree with the factual statements made in the criticism, and provides facts in support of logical arguments to that effect. A slime slug attacks the critic.

So what's Robin Hood Software's attitude towards critics?

Well, they don't like them. They attack their critics personally, as shills of some vast New World Order conspiracy out to destroy Robin Hood Software, and imply all sorts of dastardly things about their critics. See the appropriately-named DisInformation page for an example of this. I'm proud to say that my (illegally copied, copyrighted) picture is in smack dab center of their libel page! They have also taken the trouble to (illegally) copy an old version of the "/scumbags.html" page and mark it up with their indubitable logic, which consists of saying "False!" to every factual statement that I make, without offering any facts or logic to the contrary. Doh, what a bunch of dolts!

They have a bad habit of stealing copyrighted material from their critics' web sites and reproducing it without permission on their own web site. They have done it with me (a picture and an old version of scumbags.html), they have done it with Keith Little (they stole a picture and reproduce it on their web site), they have done it with (they illegally reproduce a copyrighted logo from on their web site), they have done it with Wired News (they illegally duplicate an entire article from that site onto their site). In other words, they are copyright-violating thieves. They have been notified (at least by myself and by Keith Little) that they are violating our copyrights. Their response is to ignore our requests to respect our copyrights, and continue their criminal behavior.

They also post false and defamatory information about their competitors, implying that their competitors are all in the pay of Three Letter Agencies. I guess Andy figures that people will say, "man, if all the bad guys are out to get them, they must be good."

Within the past two weeks as of this writing (March 10, 2002), they have also attacked reporters and reputable news sources as being somehow in the pay of this vast "New World Order" conspiracy that they allege is out to destroy their company.

They also post such garbage to the newsgroups from time to time when somebody complains about how EE spams the newsgroups. For example, Andy posts an "anonymous" message claiming that I have a criminal record! See the whole thread. Disgraceful.

So far Robin Hood Software has escaped responsibility for their actions (libel, copyright theft, etc.) by attacking only people based in the United States. It is very expensive for someone in the United States to sue a company based in the UK. First, you must sue where the damage occurs. If you have no operations in the UK (as I don't), you have no damages in the UK, and thus cannot initially sue in a UK court. So someone in the US who is libelled or whose copyright is violated by Robin Hood Software would have to sue in the US. Once the judgement is entered in a U.S. court, then you'd have to fly to London and file suit in a UK court to enforce the judgement (seize assets and otherwise obtain the damages rewarded by the U.S. court). This basically turns into a *SECOND* trial, in UK court. I suspect this is why they decided to use me as part of their initial "scandal-mongering" campaign. One day, however, their luck will run out. It is unlikely, for example, that Lycos is going to take very kindly to Robin Hood Software reproducing their copyrighted material for profit on the RHS web site.

To summarize: Their response to critics is to libel their critics, and violate their critics' copyrights. We are talking about people with no ethics, no scruples, who continue in illegal activity even after being notified that they are violating the law.

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