Hi there, this is a bogus scare-tactic web application [source] similar to the scare page that those posers at Robin Hood Software use to try to trick you into buying their bloated spam-ware.

401 www.badtux.net Browser Warning - Please DON'T Wait

Your computer has NOT been tracked.

Your IP is NOT under investigation:

Your ISP "alexa.com" has NOT handed over all the info:

They do NOT know you are using:

Your computer is:

ia_archiver [I'm too lazy to parse your User-Agent header!]

You are NOT trying to hide that you were browsing:

Your risk status for further investigation:

Your computer is NOT full of evidence. You do NOT need help now (unless you're stupid enough to buy Evidence Eliminator, or stupid enough to download child pornography, or stupid enough to browse porn from work).

Years of Internet data could be used by the police if you're stupid enough to download child pornography. So don't do it.

Time of latest "investigation" (run of this stupid cheesy little web application that I wrote in an hour's time this morning): Today, 6/7/2003

Click Here Now For an explanation of how this bogus "Investigation" works, and why you should not be worried.

Click Here Now for the complete source code for this bogus warning, completely commented so that you know exactly how the boys at Robin Hood Software are doing their tricks.

If you were running IE on Windows, you would have seen the last trick in this one-trick pony show: Showing you the contents of C:! This trick is just creating an inline frame with its source as "file:\c:", oooh, it shows me my own hard drive without sending it over the Internet, I'm so scared! Of course, the Evidence Eliminator people claim to be looking at your hard drive over the Internet (and offer the above as "proof"), and claim that their software will "stop this investigation". Just another lie from the Boys in Spammingham.

You are NOT going to go to jail! It was a trick, a low-down dirty trick!