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How does Robin Hood Software handle complaints?

Go to the Evidence Eliminator site and try to get support for their product. I dare you.

If you manage to get jump through all the hoops, what you end up at is a web form. You put in your question, and (maybe) a few days later you'll get an answer. The answer will probably be something similar to "Sorry, our software couldn't have done that, you must be using it wrong.".

It appears this is a company where the customer is always wrong. Whenever someone posts a message critical of the functioning of Evidence Eliminator on the newsgroups, if there is any response from EE Support, it is along the lines of "It would work if you knew how to use it." Robin Hood Software's definition of "service" appears to be "what a stallion does to a mare".

So the next thing you want to do is get a refund? I've recieved several stories where people have attempted to get a refund after RHS "support" fails to resolve their problem, and ended up facing run-arounds. Most of these people ended up doing a charge-back through their credit card after RHS tried to make them jump through even more hoops to get their refund (after they'd already had to jump through hoops just to get a response from RHS in the first place).

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