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Professionalism in Software Sales

Professional behavior isn't difficult. All it takes is following a few rules:
  1. The customer is always the customer.
  2. Support is not what a stallion does to a mare.
  3. Never mention a competitor in your advertising.
  4. Never mention your critics unless someone else mentions it first in a particular conversation.
  5. Advertising should be calm, professional, and factual.
  6. Communications between company officers and members of the general public should be polite and informative.
  7. A professional on the Internet is always aware of Internet standards, and makes sure that his company abides by them.
  8. A professional never, EVER insults a member of the news media, and if a member of the news media tries to contact them, responds within minutes, not days. (DOH! Turn down free advertising?!).
  9. A professional tells the truth.
Now: I suggest that you go to Robin Hood Software's home page and see just how well Robin Hood Software fares on this test of professionalism.
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