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Who's paying you, Eric?

I get my orders from the Pope and the Vatican Secret Government that is conspiring with the UN/NWO/Amish conspiracy, which pays for the thousands of spammers every day that spam Evidence Eliminator all around the globe as part of our vast anti-Evidence Eliminator conspiracy as we beam our mind control lasers down upon Nottingham, England, and ....

Okay, okay, but seriously: One of the truly bizarre insinuations on the part of Andy Churchill and Robin Hood Software is that I don't exist, or that I'm somehow in the pay of the Department of Defense or of a defense contractor. A few points:

My existence is not a matter of conjecture. A swift trip to Google will turn up literally thousands of postings that I've made over the years, dating from 1987 onwards. In addition, I have been prominent in the Linux community since the day I joined Linux Hardware Solutions in 1998. Literally tens of thousands of people have seen me up close and personal at trade shows and other venues. That Mr. Churchill would make such a bizarre claim is yet more proof that he qualifies for the AFDB.

Atipa Corporation bought Enhanced Software Technology in May, 2000. This is a matter of public record. It was covered in all the Linux news media. Atipa Corporation is not, never has been, and never will be, a defense contractor (and in fact as of six months ago doesn't even exist as such anymore, yet another victim of the dot-com crash).

Enhanced Software Technologies was shut down by Atipa Corporation in May, 2001. At that time, all employees were laid off -- including me. Despite what is mentioned on the EE web site, I have not worked for Enhanced Software Technologies for almost a year now. Again, this is a matter of public record -- it was covered in all the Linux news media.

I currently work for a vendor of NAS devices with offices in Germany, Phoenix, and the Silicon Valley. Since the EE people have attempted to interfere with my employment in the past (to quote their own web site: If like us you think this is absolutely disgusting, please feel free to email your complaints to "Mr Green's" employer from who's network he originally began broadcasting this nonsense., I will not further identify it. Needless to say, interference with employment is an actionable tort in the United States. Lucky for Robin Hood Software, they're in England, and there's no easy way for me to enforce any judgement against them :-(.

It costs $17.95 per month to run the web site. That's it. So why do I do this page? Well, that's easy: I do this page because Robin Hood Software continues to mention my name on their own web site. Robin Hood Software is who makes it worth my while to continue this web site. Otherwise I would treat Robin Hood Software just like I treat any other spammer -- by hitting the DELETE key when their spam hit my mailbox. But as long as they continue bashing me on their own web site, I'll continue bashing them on my web site. And guess what -- I've cost these guys hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost business (traffic to the scumbags.html page accounts for 3/4ths of my traffic, thousands of hits per month), but they've cost me $0 (zero), since I was already spending the $17.95/month to run!

So not only are the Evidence Eliminator guys spammers, liars, libelers, downright paranoid nut cases spinning strange demented stories of vast conspiracies, not only are they under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive advertising in violation of the Truth in Advertising Act, they are also *STUPID*. I have a long-standing offer with these guys: remove all mention of me from their web site, and I remove all mention of them from my own web site. I expect Andy to take me up on that offer sometime after Hell freezes over. He is too arrogant and conceited to ever do something so sensible -- not to mention being absolutely nutters. (I can say truthful things like that about Andy, since apparently he is convinced that I don't exist -- how can someone who doesn't exist be sued? :-).

So who pays for this web site? Why, Robin Hood Software does, of course -- for every minute that they have my name anywhere on their site.

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