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What do readers think?

Andy and his spammin' fool affiliates always insist that nobody has a problem with their advertising tactics except for the mysterious New World Order anti-privacy conspiracy that, for some mysterious reason, has focused upon Robin Hood Software rather than upon the dozen or so other companies selling equivalent software. Of course, that disregards the dozens of EMAIL's that I've received from people similarly pissed about Mr. Churchill's unsavory tactics. So what do other people think about EE and Robin Hood Software, anyhow?

Here's some reader comments:

  1. An unhappy purchaser's comments
  2. EE's deceptive advertising destroyed a marriage
  3. A disgruntled affiliate forwards me a message where Robin Hood Software's Andy Churchill urges affiliates to engage in deceptive advertising practices.
  4. More readers comment on the deceptive advertising.
  5. A Canadian congratulates me for creating this site.
  6. PC-Help expresses bemusement
  7. A reader complains that being subjected to EE's deceptive advertisement was bad enough, but then it took over his computer.
  8. USENET readers thank me for the information, and agree that these guys are nuts.
  9. USENET readers also say it's buggy, and screws up your Windows system to the point it must be reformatted and re-installed.
  10. SNOPES readers fuss about the deceptive ads and agree that the advertising for this product probably violates U.K. law.
  11. One person says that if it thinks you're running a cracked copy (even if you aren't), it stops wiping. Not my notion of reliable operation!
  12. The users at EZboard complain about getting the deceptive popup ad from the EE folks, agree that these are some strange and twisted people.
  13. A security expert tries out EE, and says he can recover some files.
  14. Evidence Eliminator breaks Roxio EZCD Creator Platinum version 5.1!
  15. Unhappy person says,"I've been trying to get my files back for 3 days now because EE deleted .dll and .ocx files that Windows needs."

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