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Consumer Warning: Scam Artists Want Your Money

You've all seen the scare ads that pop up when you browse many of the, err, adult-oriented, sites: "You are being investigated"! Or, "Your computer is broadcasting an IP address!". Or, "Your computer is gathering secret evidence on your activities! You can go to jail for your ordinary web browsing if you don't buy this product!". The product being advertised is invariably some sort of file eraser product that promises to "End the investigation" or "Remove the evidence". But, even more scary: the ads seemingly display your hard drive, or information about your ISP and where you're located, and say that your ISP or your local government is even cooperating with this "investigation" or that they can see what's on your hard drive.

It's a scam, of course. But for someone who isn't familiar with how the Internet works, it is a convincing scam. In the rest of this web site, I will discuss how the scam works, and what you can do to *really* protect yourself.


  1. How the scam works
  2. Are you really at risk?
  3. How to *really* protect yourself online.


Q: What happened to the "Product X sucks" site?
A: It was discontinued due to lack of interest (on the part of this author). The publishers of said product are no longer providing me with an incentive to focus upon them specifically, so instead I focus on the wider area of fraudulent and deceptive advertising that attempts to scam you into buying products you probably don't need.

John Bryant

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